The massive clean up

I have been catching up on the oil spill at the Gulf and how thousands of gallons are being dumped….what an environmental disaster.  BP am sure are at their wit’s end trying to come up with a solution…but something has to be done soon or this oil spill could see its way towards Florida and the East Coast. See CNN Article

To be honest, I feel that off shore drilling is far too risky.  Where were the precautionary measures for the oil rig?  Shouldn’t there have been a contingency plan of “what if?”

Such irresponsibility….if we can spend billions of dollars on these wars and coming up with the latest technology on killing then money from BP needs to be used (and other oil companies which are saturated with $$$) to ensure another environmental disaster like this never happens.  What gets me is that HOW could these companies NOT foresee such a disaster?  HOW????

UPDATE:  MEPS still has to review the potential waiver. They are behind on reviews. Ay!


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