Impressions of the island

I enjoyed my brief respite in Puerto Rico.  The trip seemed to whiz by in a moment.  Me, a person used to spending months at a time on the island while growing up…the few days I was there seemed almost like a slap in the face however am grateful I had the opportunity to visit family.

The island seems pretty much the same except for the vast volume of cars. I read somewhere that Puerto Rico ranks up there as far as the density of cars compared to the population.  It was a little hairy driving from San Juan to Ponce.  Think of Chicago but on a grander scale since the driving habits encompass the entire country.

Fountain at the Plaza de Las Delicias

The mountains were as beautiful as always.  Palm trees everywhere, winding roads through the mountains (made this lady a little carsick), clearest blue oceans, bluest of skies, a palette of nature’s color.

The people were just as friendly.  I soaked in every single detail of the houses, the people, the sights and sounds, the smells.  It also saddens me to see some parts of the island, sections of Ponce deteriorating.  I didn’t care for the graffiti or the litter.  I feel that with people out of work couldn’t the government at least at the local level create a green program to clean up the graffiti and trash?  Create jobs to beautify the island?  Just some thoughts.  The culture is so vibrant, the music, people…way of life.  Let’s preserve it.

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