OMG Airplanes!!!!!!!!!!

We landed in Charlotte, North Carolina and were ON THE PLANE when we found out it had mechanical issues.  We waited an hour and were then told to “deplane” because the issue would take longer than anticipated.  I even took a picture of the mechanics working on the problem which was under the cockpit.  (Will post later).

Things were going well with the family. Birthday party was awesome.  There was a magician who also was a Michael Jackson impersonator.  We also had karaoke and a three-man band who sang for my grandmother.

Coming back we had a plane cancellation to Miami due to weather. We stayed at a hotel which was (luckily) connected to the San Juan airport….trust me I shed a few tears of frustration I was ready to go home and so not into dealing with anymore airline drama.

Got on the plane to Chicago today and we were sitting there waiting…and waiting….and…waiting.  Then the pilot comes on announces that we have…..a mechanical issue…first thing that ran across my mind was WTF?

Well, we sat there and then mom called her mother and sister and they said a couple of prayers and after a couple of hours on the tarmac we were on our way. Of course we missed our connecting flight and best of luck would have it we were sitting next to the pilot who flew the same plane we were in, yesterday.  He contacted American Airlines and found out what were the available connecting flights to Saint Louis along with how many seats were available (without me asking him to) and he explained to us what to do when we arrived.

Once we arrived the pilot flying the plane stated that those with connecting flights should leave first and those who had later connecting flights or whose final destination was Chicago to please stay in their seats.  When mom and I got off the next flight leaving to Saint Louis was 1:35pm and it was 1:10pm.  The gate to the next flight was right across from ours. I ran over with mom in tow and was able to get us on.  I was a little tense as we were waiting to taxi out to the runway to hear about another mechanical issue. If we did I was soooo ready to simply WALK back to Saint Louis. I was NOT playing.  Our luggage did not make it with us so am picking them up tomorrow.

Now I have to deal with a laryngitis issue that hasn’t shaken itself off and am returning to work Thursday.  I think I need a vacation from my vacation.

Needless to say am happy to be home. I miss my family but won’t miss flying for a while.


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