Afghan Election

…through the eyes of a woman:

Though right now I think there are more pressing issues than simply getting out to vote in Afghanistan this definitely is a positive stride forward for these women who were severely oppressed by the Taliban but allot still needs to be done for these survivors of such a traumatic regime.

As Country Director Sweeta Noori states:

Sweeta said she has very little hope that Afghan women’s political participation will improve in the next few years. Although there may be changes to election procedures for the September 2010 parliamentary elections, it is likely that women will remain voting “puppets” whose ballots are stolen by male relatives and community members.

Until women are viewed as being equal in voice as a man’s there will still be long strides in giving women a better standard of living there and finding real representation.  It is no surprise that over 40% of Afghan women polled for the 2009 Stronger Women, Stronger Nations Afghanistan report feel that there is political corruption in their country.  If it’s apparent to us imagine how it is for the people who are forced to live in it????

I pray that the women of Afghanistan will have the safety and reassurance to freely go to women’s rights groups, and be heard, as is their God-given right.


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