Racism is alive and well in the heart of America

I was reading Cool Red’s blog regarding the incident her daughter has recently went through. It’s a shame this day and age we still have such archaic thoughts on race.

Her children are mixed:  Arab and American.  Cool Red’s story reminds me of  “my adolescent cross to bear” being of mixed race.  Kids these days really should know better but bullies will be bullies (must be that inferiority complex) and these kids in Wyoming were simply ignorant.  WHY in the world put a young girl through such trauma?  It’s difficult enough for kids.  WHY add to it?

I taught my daughter (who is also of mixed race) to respect other cultures and religions.  Obviously some of these kids need a refresher course on being compassionate.  Frankly I am glad the school stepped in and denounced such perversity.  Calling someone a terrorist simply because they are of a certain race/culture is completely asinine.

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