Why is patience a virtue?

Well, sometimes I think it takes a true martyr to find the patience in some things in this so-called life.  Trust me, I have dug deep inside of myself to be the “better woman” or to “play it by ear” or to simply “let things slide” but GOD, why does it have to be so hard????             

So, this got me to thinking…where did this phrase: patience is a virtue come from? And ever the “googler” I decided to do some quick research:

It seems that patience is part of what is known as integrity. …where we apply our own personal (sometimes religious) values in a contextual scope where we view the world and our actions within it.  We are also a product of the societies we come from.   Is patience a perspective?  Or a reaction from stimuli?  Those of us who practice patience, does it bode us well?  Are we content inside or do we feel a turmoil boiling from within that is waiting to come out?

If patience is indeed a virtue do we feel it inside?  Or do some of us project a calm pose so that people are misled into thinking we are something we are not?

Just some ramblings………………….


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