Do you ache?

Ache for something you cannot have.  You can feel it, taste it and it drives you mad.  Your thoughts are consumed with a desire for this “thing” whatever it may be?

People can have a desire for anything, especially something that is difficult to attain.  Perhaps there is the thrill of the chase?

The “what if?”

Perhaps we have some instinctual core within us stoking the fire to keep seeking whatever “it” may be.

Do you yearn for something?

Something unattainable?

You can practically taste it and even though you may never reach the goal you still move towards it?

What propels you?


2 thoughts on “Do you ache?

  1. I definitely think that there is a thrill in the chase. A lot of times once you attain what you were aching for, it’s bittersweet- sweet that you’ve attained it, but bitter that the thrill of the chase is gone… or maybe that it wasn’t as great as you thought it would be.

    What propels me? Well, I guess that has changed pretty dramatically in the last few months. At this point, I think what propels me is to get stable again.. to keep being as honest with myself and the people I love as well as I can… to learn how to live again, and to keep learning how to love.

  2. Thanks for sharing, sometimes an important event can happen in our lives which can cause us to deviate an original path.

    I think what motivates us when we are younger can change as we age…but then again it can also depend what we have a passion for. I have always strived forward in the military and that passion never waned despite the fact certain things I could not achieve. I found a different way to obtain my goal.

    There is something deep inside each and every one of us which gives us hope…perhaps some kind of “meaning to life” a better sense of self. And then there are other issues which cause us to run after things that are impossible to attain.

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