Are you true to yourself?

In an earlier post I discussed how people will normally wear masks when they feel their true self might not be so readily accepted by others.

Are you true to yourself?

And am not talking simply about having good social graces when out in public. But in fact you hide who you are because you’re afraid your ideas, beliefs, “you” would not be accepted by others:  family, friends, co-workers, even complete strangers.

How stressful is that?  Why fake your way through life?  Just be honest, be true to your core beliefs.  Enjoy life and stand by your convictions.  Are you afraid to fail?  That people will dislike you?  Afraid of letting someone down?  Have a difficult time saying no?

What an exhausting life this would be if you always placed yourself last. Again, this isn’t about developing unhealthy relationships by putting others last. It’s about finding a logical balance.  You don’t want to be such a doormat in pleasing others that is actually hurts you.  Don’t become such a co-dependent that your own wants and desires are lost. That your identity is your identity simply because you are a giver.  Trust me, women are infamous for being such noble givers. There is nothing wrong with that per say….just find a medium where you are not the one who is not receiving any gratification in return and the scales are always tipped in someone else’s favor.  And this isn’t about being entitled to selfish acts. Just balance and simply respecting the other person.  We shouldn’t compromise our values simply for the sake of approval.

Balance is the key.


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