Life is not measured….

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away–Author Unknown.

What I love about this thought is it says so much.  I think allot now about many such moments in my life….from my childhood to my later adult years. I think about all the moments in life which took my breath away:

  • Exploring my world
  • Joining the army
  • First love
  • The birth of my child
  • …and her first smile, first words, first step.

I think about what it was like to first fall in love, to realize what love is. To earn unconditional love.  So many moments captured forever, imprinted upon my heart.

Though our time on this earth is so finite our memories are not.

They last forever and each one is precious…encompassing who and what we are.

So many people coming into our lives, so many moments shared.  The experiences we gained and losing people we have loved….our lives are not measured simply for being here but for the moments, the memories that culminate into what we become as people.  What we had hope to have been–and realizing who we really are….


2 thoughts on “Life is not measured….

  1. Thanks…what I am learning as I grow older is discovering what is important and it isn’t material things but the people who are a part of us…and the experiences we gained.

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