The future of religion

El Rey posted an interesting thread regarding the fate of the three monotheistic religions along with those one might consider more like ideologies (Buddhism, Hinduism…) but then it depends on what type of religious stance you take and wanted to share some responses.

Original post:

Many religions come then disappear And leave us with their history. New come along with different ideologies. I don’t think the people of the ancient era thought that their beloved religion will disappear but will last for ever since they invested all of their beliefs in them. Just like now. Judaism and we rarely see jews now. Christianity and most christians turn into seculars or convert into another religion and lastly Islam which its embraces don’t seem to be the same when it first appeared.

How do you see the future of the current religions and ideologies? Do you think in a 1000s or more period time of years these religions and ideologies will disappear and be replaced with new ideologies and religions? Do you see Islam the same as now, in 10000s years ahead? How about christianity, judasim et al?

What’s your prediction about the future of the current religions? And why?


How do you know that those religions are fading away? On what basis are you giving a point here?
I think it defers from where you see it and from where I or someone else sees it. Because what you are looking at is where everyone is changing or not believing in religions/ or changing to another religion. But where I see it from right now is;
1. There are people who change their religions or have no religion any more.
2. There are also people who still have faith in their god/religion and are very religious people.

So I don’t think a religion -or at least Islam- would fade away just because a number of people have stopped being religion, because the other part of them proof them wrong.


Well, I just want to correct one impression.

The number of Christians in the world is growing and in many places in the world, it’s growing by leaps and bounds: Africa, China, Vietnam, Korea….

The number of Catholics is growing faster than the world’s total population is growing.

Muslims in more secularized, European countries which are traditionally Muslim are also secularized…see pictures of Albanian or Bosnian streets… and a substantial number convert to Christianity.

There are other figures too which show a much more complicated picture than the one you’ve presented.

I think Islam and Christianity both have a LOT of life in them.

Judaism, remember, is not a missionary religion. Jews don’t seek converts and they accept them only reluctantly. They believe that as long as you keep basic moral law and worship only One God, you are fine. So Jews think being a Muslim is fine with God.

But the religious group that breeds fastest in Europe and America is not Muslims or Christians, but Orthodox Jews, especially Hasidim (the ones with the side curls and the funny hats).

But still it’s a great question. I think the world is going to look amazingly different in a hundred years time in ways that we can’t imagine. And the religious picture will be similarly unpredictable.

I won’t be here, though! I hope I’ll be in the Place of Joy, El Rey, and that you will be there with me, my friend. Inshallah!

My Response:

I would hope religion would’s what makes us humane but people can pervert religion also and with all that is going on now Mankind might pervert it further to the point that God might be lost…or at least His message.

You can read more about this topic here

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