Life is short…

What I cannot comprehend (though trust me…I have tried) is why there are some people who play games.  Why not simply state what’s on your mind and get on with it?

I see this allot in today’s dating scene.  Couple goes out…they make all nicey and what they really want to say to one another is simply bubbling underneath the surface dying to come out but no one dares to be viewed as the “bad guy” or worse they play these power mind trip games to see how far they can run with it.

And it isn’t simply in dating but can also be seen at work also.  But makes me wonder some times what is up with the human race?

I found this article of great interest:

Generally speaking, there are only 3 roles from which one can participate in a game: Rescuer, Persecutor and Victim. To show that these are roles we spell them with capital letters, to distinguish them from “real-life” rescuers such as an ambulance crew. While they rescue people, they may not be doing so from a psychological role of “rescuing”. If you find this terminology odd or even inappropriate, well, it’s fairly old and Eric Berne’s language was simply never updated. Hope that counts as an apology.

The article goes on to discuss about analyzing our own behavior and realize what roles we fall into (or tend to) when we are involved.  Can even be those at work, family, and yes dating.

You can further read about applying games to relationships by clicking here.


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