Settling for “Mr. Good Enough”

As I was scanning as I usually do to catch up on the latest news (and no that’s not my only source) this article regarding the all elusive right fit (when it comes to relationships) caught my eye–and a question is posed…a question which seems to plagued individuals who are in their 30’s and 40’s who seem to either avoid commitment or unable to discover their “soulmate”:

…the question is: Is getting less than everything we want truly settling? And more important, semantics aside: Is getting anything less than everything we want going to make us less happy? The answer is no, and it probably will make you more happy.

I don’t understand why people would be upset over this book.  To me it makes allot of common sense.  Be R.E.A.L.I.S.T.I.C.!!

There are just as many picky men as they are women.  I think the key is to ensure that the core values you are seeking in a partner are not compromised but say for example they don’t meet your exact height requirements or he doesn’t have “the job” you aspire to be married to etc…..I wonder when people go out do they have this mental checklist they tick off while “interviewing” on the first date.

Going on a first date is difficult enough….why can’t people relax and just have a good time and if all goes well, see what can happen.  But don’t mark someone off so readily because they do not meet every single item on that “list.”


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