Do men still need female friendships after marriage?

This topic came up on English Sabla.  My first gut instinct was “duh yeah!”

I think it would be foolish for women to think that once they “snag their man” their “other life” disappears. It wouldn’t and most importantly….shouldn’t.

The basic issue here is trust.  You have to trust your husband when it comes to something as sensitive as having a female friend.

And the key here also is that the female friend has to respect the sanctity of the marriage.

Now a question was also posed in the same thread about having a female best friend. Touchy subject considering most women will consider themselves their husband’s best friend (and here I am not counting male best friends…that’s a horse of a different color).

It basically boils down to respect and trust in any type of relationship, which includes the marriage and friendships.


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