A Four Letter Word….

You read that right…

I heard a four letter word. One that continues to irk me as I live and breathe in the state of Missouri.

What word is it you say?




For you see, I grew up in the good ol’ Hoosier state of Indiana where we are known as the land of the Hoosiers…but not until I moved to Saint Louis did I ever think/dream that being from the basketball capital would hold such disdain.

Hoosier for Missourians means redneck, an uneducated hapless soul.  I was on my way to the title company and lost my way…even with the Tom Tom. HOW in the WORLD it directed me where it did I have NO idea. I simply punched in the address of the company and wham ended up almost a half hour away. LORD!

Anyway, I was talking to one of the ladies from the company and she could not give proper directions and excused her lack of knowledge for the West County area because she was from “Hoosierville”

Will this term never cease?

Apparently not!  😦


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