Life as an emotion…

Have you ever wanted to capture one particular moment in time, embrace it and relive all those emotions which filled you up?

Think about a time or place in your life where your emotions totally consumed you…could be your first day in school, first job, that first kiss….something that made your heart jump, turn tricks.  The laughter and the tears–take them all.

I will never understand people who live life on auto-pilot or even worse…view it with such negativity.

I want to embrace life…good or bad…whatever is out there I want to see what it has to offer me.  I see life as an emotion…how about you?


2 thoughts on “Life as an emotion…

  1. Thanks for posting. I will check out your blog. Since the onset of my dad’s illness I have come to appreciate every day. I mean every single day…whatever that brings. And yes, I do believe we have to open our senses to it all, soak it in and live life with our hearts open. 🙂

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