15 Different Types of Toothpaste

Yes and am sure I am not the only one left scratching my head in front of the toothpaste section wondering which brand to buy, or trying to find a particular brand amongst a kaleidoscope of many trying to outdo the other for your $$$….and I am one of the many American consumers who is fed up with having too many choices that don’t seem to fit the size of my wallet.

Now how can a customer see this as a negative thing?

Well…for starters, how many variations of the same product do we need?  Especially when they are more expensive compared to a store brand?        

Walmart had pulled their Hefty trash bags off their shelves, favoring their own Great Value brand but looks like they are returning Hefty back to the shelves and that is one brand I have bought in the past but now favor the “no-name”.

I have slowly changed my shopping habits and it seems I am not the only one.

Americans are becoming more conscientious shoppers, not letting their money go so easily.  Before I would simply buy a name brand without second thoughts but these days I want to be wise on how I spend my hard earned dollars. And who can blame a consumer trying to survive these difficult economic times?  Some of us have to re-learn how to shop (maybe that sounds simple but when you have bought the same name brand since forever and you developed a “trust” for the product) it can be difficult to change but in order to survive these times sometimes we have to embrace change.

And if Walmart continues to follow this lead who knows what this will mean down the road for companies that sell these products? Hopefully they will lower their prices to a reasonable level. Sure, make your profit but quit inflating the prices!


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