Letters to the President

Early this morning (like 0’dark-thirty) I flipped on the television to see if it would lull me back into sweet slumber when I happened upon Petr Lom’s  documentary, Letters to the President.

The documentary examines Iranian President’s Mahmoud Ahmadinjad’s tour of his country.  When I watched this film it struck me as ironic how the “poorer” class of Iran tend to embrace this man but those who are urban or well-educated question his motives (or rather that of the administration) when it comes to running that country.  My heart went out to the Iranians who simply want to live a normal life and even to the rural villagers who want decent infrastructure and jobs.  The attitudes of the Iranians vary widely and it makes me wonder, (because of the censorship there and the recent political strife), those who oppose the administration were they truly safe voicing their dissent of this President (who to me at least is a puppet, front-man…call it what you will) for Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,  who is a hardliner, against reform and promotes a nuclear program with ties to Hamas and Hezbollah.

In the end….my heart goes out to the Iranian people even though I heard the usual political rhetoric (i.e. Death to America…Death to Israel) I look beyond that and wonder what the future for this country holds….and especially for its people.


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