The snow Gods did not listen :^(

Went to work today…was a little slippery on the way in. I was wondering why the highway was darker than normal. Got to my work’s parkinglot and saw that I had ice encased over my headlights.


At least am not in D.C. right now where they are expecting another 20 inches. I am like damn why couldn’t we get that?

I have lived in Saint Louis for almost 9 years now and I think maybe ONCE went through an actual blizzard.  ONCE!

I miss the winters of old. When I was a kid and living out in the country well, those salt trucks don’t tend to make it out to those parts.  Every country gal to herself.  We would make snow forts, snowmen, have snowball fights…dad would hook the sled to his motorcycle and take my brother and I out on a really wild winter ride. Come home, mom would yell at us to take off our boots and coats so as not to marr her perfectly vacuumed rug. (And I still remember that hideous carpet). House was built in the 1970’s and had this orangy multi-colored mess that I always thought quite ugly.  My bedroom had this shaggy two tone pink carpet and my brother same but blue.  So yes, I had a pink room (with my sister) and my brother the lucky dog had a room of his own and it was yes…blue.

Anyway, I miss those days of fun in the snow, neighborhood kids getting together and having wholesome fun. Loved it!

Now if the snow Gods would simply listen and give me an extra day off work!


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