Planning ahead for my grandmother’s 90th

It’s going to be awesome.  Right now el tribu (the tribe as we call ourselves) in Puerto Rico, are secretly planning this huge get together for my abuela’s 90th birthday party.  I also suggested having a generational photo so that we all have a remembrance of this event and something we can pass down to our children and one of my cousins was able to arrange having it done.  Right now looking for reasonably priced hotel rooms and airline tickets so that I can easily afford to go.  I really would love to see my relatives and see my abuela again.  Sometimes it’s hard to travel when you don’t have the means to go but if you really want to, there is always a way.  My sister is excited, of course so is my mother.  I hope my dad can go but not sure do to his health at this time.  My daughter will also be going and will be looking to government rates for the hotel/tickets/car.  Sometimes you can find some decent prices.  I already have butterflies thinking about seeing everyone again but good one.   🙂    


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