I read this in facebook so posting on my blog, God bless and take care of the Haitian people:

There is a hospital in Haiti which was undamaged and has 20 Haitian doctors and room for 100 patients. They can’t get the word out for helicopters to bring them patients. (They are 75 miles north of Port au Prince.) They are asking for help in spreading the word. So, post this information to your Facebook page. Do a Tw…itter tweet about it. Cut and paste it to discussion groups and message boards. Comment about it on blogs. Email your lists. Let the world know.

The following is from the Order of Malta’s Sacre Couer (Crudem) hospital in Milot, Haiti:

” I need your help urgently – as soon as possible!… See More… See More… See More… See More… See More… See More… See More

I work for a hospital – Sacre Coeur in Milot, 75 miles North of Port au Prince. We were not damaged. We have room for 100 patients,we have over 20 Haitian doctors onsite including a medical trauma team and an orthopedic team arriving today. Helicopters can land very close to us, only ONE landed yesterday with 4 patients! People are dying in the streets AND in the hospitals in Port au Prince. We have a full-service hospital with two ORs and are NOT being utilized. We have an ambulance ready. When our staff hear a helicopter they are at the field immediately to receive patients but they are not arriving!! If any of you have contacts in the media or with organizations who could potentially get the word out about our hospital and our efforts to help, please do so– please! The clock is ticking and so many lives are being lost. Our website is www.crudem.org.


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