“You gave meaning to my life.”

William Parrish: “I want you to know how much I love you, that you’ve given a meaning to my life that I had no right to expect, that no one can ever take from me.”

Such powerful words really.  We all are on this same planet together trying to eek out a living, we are born into families, some lucky to have found, others not.  But we are here together to try and discover some kind of purpose to our existence.

And then we meet individuals who cross our paths during The Journey and they give us meaning.

True meaning of what it’s like to really love, live, to be happy.

When a person tells you that you give meaning to their life don’t brush it off.  Take it for what it’s worth and hold it close to your heart.

Such a gift is priceless.


2 thoughts on ““You gave meaning to my life.”

  1. These words have had such an impact on me ever since I heard back when I watched this Film in 1998.. The relationship between Bill and his daughter Susan is very similar to mine with my own father.. May you always rest in Peace Dad and thank you for teaching me about love and what it means to be loved..

  2. Thanks for commenting. My own father passed about a year ago. The day after his birthday. Life is short, Life is so utterly precious. We have to savor each day….shift through the bad, learn from those experiences and try to make a go at it for the years we have left. Love the people around you intensely and find a way to give back to one another for in the end all we have are our memories….

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