Jane Austen

Who could not love Jane Austen?

The first book I read as a teen was Jane Eyre. I have always been spellbound by the rich characters penned  by Charlotte Brontë (correction) and their observations of the class system in England, the basic nuances regarding love and trying to make sense of the world at that time.         

I still hold Jane Eyre with high regard however I also enjoyed the following books by Jane Austen and one should find time to read such fine fiction when the opportunity arises:

1.  Sense and Senseibilty

2.  Pride and Prejudice

3.  Mansfield Park

4.  Emma


2 thoughts on “Jane Austen

  1. Just a quick note (and you probably already know this, but in case someone reading didn’t): Jane Eyre was written by Charlotte Bronte, not Jane Austen. Ms. Bronte was born just around the same time Ms. Austen died, and didn’t think much of Austen’s work, as Austen tended to write comedies of manners, and Bronte’s works were much more gothic.

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