Loving your child

One thing when you become a parent it seems your perspective of the world changes.  You realize that you want to be able to bring up your child in a loving environment, to answer all the questions they ask of you…it’s funny how they believe you are Ms. Fix it, Dr. Know-It-All, and have a degree in medicine.

You gladly fix whatever is broken, answer their questions to the best of your ability, and at least attempt to cure whatever ails them.

When I had my daughter it was like a flip switched on and I realized how precious life is and always will be.  Children are such miracles….a testament to life.  I am grateful I was given the opportunity to become a mother and to have had a child who was what I had hoped for.  I consider myself lucky in many ways that I experienced motherhood and though parenting doesn’t end at 18, it takes on rather a new meaning.  We grow with our children as they enter into adulthood and we still learn from them as we also grow older….facing a new chapter of our lives. Loving a child is easy. It’s letting go which becomes the most difficult.


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