Meeting my nephew

Meeting him for the first time almost brought tears to my eyes.  I never thought I would be an Aunt. It’s been 21 years since a baby was born into my immediate family.  And what a baby he is.  Very sweet and a positive force.  He is always smiling even though right now he has a bad cough.  He rarely fusses and acknowledges everyone in the room with a glowing smile.  Even in person he still reminds me of the Gerber baby and I call him that.  I enjoy holding him and watching all the cute “baby things” that he does with the cooing, sucking on his chubby fists….feeding him…am in utter heaven!

As a Christmas present my sister had our family photos taken at J.C.Penny. The photographer had us cracking up laughing with her bubbly demeanor.  Cannot wait to get my hands on those pictures!  Overall it’s been a wonderful family visit.  My nephew was the best Xmas present I could have ever received.


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