Life sometimes throws you a curveball or two and you have to be able to catch them.  And this one really was out of no where.  An uncle of mine passed away Tuesday and was at his funeral this weekend.

I remember visiting his family’s farm as a child and playing with my cousins, running around the fields….very simple honest wholesome fun.

Found out at the funeral that my uncle began farming at the age of five.  His family owns 135 acres and those are rented out to relatives. They grow corn, soy, many things.  He was a very hard worker and always supported his family no matter what.  He loved my aunt (dad’s sister) with everything he had.  They were high school sweethearts married 43 years when he passed away (same amount of time my parents have been married).  No one thought he would pass before dad. Dad is very ill and each day is a blessing to still have him with us.

When we left my uncle at the gravesite it felt strange.  As we stood there, huddled close together to steal as much warmth as we could from one another, wind blowing, biting through our coats…I couldn’t help but think that this Christmas my aunt would be without her husband.  Cousins without their dad.

Uncle had his final heart attack…it was building up over the weekend, he took some Nitroglycerin tabs but nothing helped.  Even called an ambulance but when he felt better he canceled it.  He died on the way to the hospital with my aunt driving over 70mph with one hand and holding her husband with the other.  Mind you they live out in the country and the nearest hospital is over half an hour away.

My aunt is a strong woman and makes me wonder when the time comes for my dad to move on to the next life how strong will my mother be?   It’s a hard pill to swallow knowing our time on this precious Earth is finite.

We have to make the most of it.

I have to make the most of it……


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