Physical therapy and observations

Because I have a work-related injury workman’s comp has been paying for my rotator cuff recovery.  (Say that five times fast).

I tend to be a happy person…not 24/7 but I try to make the most of my days.  At SSM where I go for my therapy most people seem a little morose.  I am guessing it’s because of the crappy weather we are having.  Sometimes the weather can reallllyyyy affect your mood…or at least mine!

Anyway, while I was waiting to be seen I watched the Maury Povitch show…(not by choice) and bore witness to former nerds having their 15 minutes of fame.

go figure………..they had a captive audience and I was killing time.

So I sat there observing the people who were there apparently bored out of their minds if looks could be any more obvious.

And they were.

Oh, I didn’t want to be there either but I made the best of it for a cold December day and another grueling 8 hours of hell which I call my career.

I made my therapist laugh.

And it felt good. Apparently he was having just a sucky day as I was.  And people tend to open up to me and he proceeded to tell me (while continuously looking over his shoulder) about the rude employee. I think he ranted for about 15 minutes but I did make him laugh and he forgot Ms. No Manners.

And I lost a couple of pounds in just half an hour of pounding a couple of balls against a trampoline (now THAT was fun!), peddeling some kind of weird bike contraption to work my shoulder and back muscles (feel it burn because it did), and girlie pushups.  There were some other odd exercises with these interesting color-coded rubberbands but all in all it wasn’t too bad.

And I was able to get a few smiles out of some people.

Now if the weather would shape up!


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