Attraction Principle #51

I had blogged about this book before Why Men Love Bitches and if you are interested as to why Ms. Argov call women by this name read the former post.

Well, Attraction Principle #51 states that:

The Relationship may not be for you if you find yourself jumping through hoops.  When something is right, it will feel easier and much more effortless.

And she is right…when you are the one who is always making the sacrifices (which can include giving up your own hobbies, time with family and friends) and he is sitting back and enjoying the work then really…what kind of relationship is this?  Are you willing to give up your total identity to someone when the return on the investment is miniscule?  Life is short, and we have little precious time to waste as the author states.

Sure any relationship is tough…who says it is easy but there has to be balance.  And yes, I have seen men in the reverse situation where they give and give and their investment return is just as lacking.

For me, I think it’s all about balance with the partners.  Finding the medium ground where the two of you can work together.

And who wants to be attracted to a doormat?

Certainly not me.


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