Interesting day today

For the new homeowner…

One thing about being a homeowner is that any problems you have in your newly bought home are YOURS.

Renting has its certain comfort of safety… don’t have to worry about forking cash over if something doesn’t work.  The landlord takes care of it.

I miss that.

But I don’t miss the $$$ I was pouring into the crapper.  Ok, I miss the money of course I just don’t miss wasting my hard earned dollars when I am actually investing into a piece of property.

Anyway what made my day interesting is that the roofers finally came by to FIX the roof since it has been raining almost nonstop. Then the furnace is not working…Laclede Gas is stopping by this coming Friday to fix.  The space heaters kept tripping off the circuit breaker when someone would use a hair dryer or something that carried more amps.

Then I had to figure out which breaker went to what appliance/furnace/water heater/lights/stove….with the pounding of the workers on the roof, me losing the electric, having my daughter’s friends over it has been quite the day.


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