The Romance of War

I was flipping through some of my older posts and found this excerpt from my novel The Romance of War and had to share again:


Centuries pass and this soldier of freedom is again replayed. Sometimes his battle cry is lost within the political wars of his government’s tongue. Their dreams were never to aspire. And what a story can we convey in regards to these men and women whose lives were chanced to have met Fate first hand; of a face so well worn and familiar, as to become a constant companion throughout time. Yet, how we decide to meet It, will forever have an impression etched upon our memories and our very soul. Fate has many voices sometimes they are heard, sometimes lost. From time to time it could be found as Anger or Contentment, Grief or Joy, Love and Hate. And as we too grow old, we learn of our world’s misshapen ways, and we learn to live instead for the tomorrow, and try not to think too hard on yesterday.

Joshua Kreggs April 9, 1865


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