Getting the Muslim perspective on the Base shootings

I always like to understand, to learn about why people think the way they do and especially with our nation at war, what other Muslims have thought about this shooting.

The ones I spoke with, the majority, are against what happened in Texas.  They are sick and tired of their religion being used as a scapegoat for the violent acts of a few.  Others are tired of apologizing for what these few are doing.  My question to everyone is, what is it exactly about these radical extremists who use religion to justify their actions?  Do they really truly believe God condones the killing of innocent men, women, and children?

For myself, as a soldier, I know it is my duty, if called upon to serve my great nation against such tyranny and injustice.  At times I wonder if the circumstances behind the occupation of Afghanistan by the Russians propagated what we have today….after all, it was our country who assisted the Afghans against the “Great Red Menance”….did we unintentionally breed these monsters who we are fighting against today?  Did our government sell its soul to the highest bidder so that the threat of Communism and other idealistic political jargon from the East would not seep unto our illustrious shores?

I just don’t know.

I do know that we Americans are tired of funding this war…it’s killing us emotionally, morally, and financially.

Though if called upon to serve overseas of course I would go….but a part of me wonders at the insanity of it all.  So many people have died, soldiers and civilians over this. Are we seeing the end of days here?  It’s a blur for me at times….my honor to serve is always at the forefront but my soul weeps for the innocents who are dying and when I see yet another somber flag draped coffin returning home to the bosom of America….I weep inside for the family who have lost a loved one and I wonder if they too think of the great cost to them.

And though there are those who rejoice at yet another soldier’s death many more grieve alongside us here for a wasted life…..this shooting at Fort Hood has left such a hole in the heart of the Army though at the same time I know, because a soldier knows….that we will be just as strong and resilient….we have to be.


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