Important Military Update on Benefits


Military Report: The Military's Largest Benefits Update

Military Report is the most comprehensive military benefits and quality-of-life newsletter for military personnel and retirees. Make sure that you and your colleagues subscribe for this free update publication.

——————————– 02 NOVEMBER 2009——————————————-

  • TRICARE Retiree Dental Premium Increase
  • Featured Discount: Run Strong All Year!
  • Get Your GI Bill Guide Today
  • Superior Life Insurance for You and Your Family
  • Liberty University Offers Tuition Discounts to Military
  • Featured Job: Military Friendly Employers
  • Military Health Conference in January
  • Navy Career Intermission Program
  • Housing Assistance Program Pays Claim
  • Exchanges Offer Fitness Catalog
  • Exchanges Sponsor Holiday Giveaway
  • Historical Military Photograph Collection
  • AF Changes SNCO Policy
  • Army Signs Agreement With University
  • Mailing Dates for Afghanistan
  • Cancer Institute Offers Guide
  • Navy Band’s Holiday Concert
  • Having Trouble Balancing Your Finances
  • ‘Laptops for Flat Tops’ Military Contest
  • Eat Free at Applebee’s
  • Free Gowns for Military Brides
  • Holiday Shopping at the Exchange
  • Flu Information and Resources
  • Naval Chaplain School Relocates
  • Navy Launches New Post Grad Program
  • The Vet Set: Introduction to Voc Rehab
  • AF Changes Civilian Hiring Policy
  • Navy Stop-Loss Window Opens
  • Military Eat Free at Golden Corral
  • AF Portal to Require CAC Reader
  • Print and Post This Week’s Military Report
  • Headline Military News
  • Advertisements

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