Moderate? Anyone??

I consider myself a Moderate Democrat.  I will put the country first before the party if I feel the party is hurting the country.  I am liberal on some issues but not all.  I weigh the options and it isn’t about sitting on the fence but really delving into the issues at hand and not “toeing the party line” which I refuse to do.

I think some liberal views are a tad skewed (I don’t believe in total social liberal policies, if you spend, spend wisely, and I don’t believe in everyone owning guns nor could I stand it when Bush was in charge…gag me)…there has to be a limit on things and as an American feel I am fortunate to be able to express my views.

As far as the current administration is concerned it was hard for me to accept the $3.6 trillion budget resolution.  I understand our country didn’t get this way overnight…the economy simply sucks and I see it slowly recovering but still that will take time.  Just use it wisely and not just bailing out companies whose business practices (hmmmm GM anyone?) are questionable and greedy.


‘nough said.


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