“The” MRI

insight_trailier_medical_862991_l IF one thing the military taught me was that I can sleep anywhere…and I mean  it.

Slept in:

1.  Back of a Deuce and a half

2.  In a sleeping bag on the ground/concrete

3.  Back of a truck

4.  Humvee

5.  RATT van  (people who know what this is will understand what I mean when I say I can sleep ANYwhere).
So lying flat on my back with a blanket and pillow meant at least to my body it was time for a nap and the more the technician said I needed to remain awake the more my body rebelled.

And I tried really hard.

I did…but apparently I gave in to Mr. Sandman because I”jerked” a few times since had to retake 4 images.  The MRI contraption reminds me of the Iron Lung..you know the one back in the 50’s when there were major cases of polio?     polio_ironlung_1007948_l

Glad to have the MRI but even happier to finally have it over with especially when I had to have this really LONG and SHINEY, SHARP needle penetrating my right shoulder as it looked for my joint.  It is called a MR Arthrogram.

Yeah, glad that was over too…..


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