The Average Joe

I read a past September’s issue from the Daily News which stated that 76% of Americans who marry do so only once and the marriage typically lasts about 18 years (enough to raise a child).

I found THAT statistic interesting….do Americans marry thinking all their problems will be ressolved in the time it takes for a sitcom to churn out it’s latest reel?

Speaking of statistics check out what the Wiki has regarding “the average Joe“:

A statement that can be made, however, is that most Americans will marry at least once in their lifetime with the first marriage most commonly ending in divorce. Today a little over half, 52.3% of US household include a married couple, showing a significant decrease since 1970 when 70.6% of households included a married couple.[1] Current trends indicate that people in the US are marrying later and less often with higher divorce rates. Despite the declining prevalence of marriage more than three quarters of Americans will marry at least once in their lifetime. The average age for marriage for a male was 26.8 and 25.1 for a female. Americans are also likely to re-marry after their first divorce. In 1990, 40% of all marriages are remarriages. All together one can conclude that while there is no prevalent average household arrangement, most Americans (the average Joe) will get married and divorced once with a considerable number of American re-marrying at least once.[5]


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