Owning a home and its wonderful headaches

Because of the heavy rain for the past day and a half my new townhome sprung a leak…well, the ceiling did in the guest bedroom (good thing there are no guests at the moment…they would be highly inconvenienced).    storm_lightning_thunder_268694_l

The latex paint used by the previous owner was awesome. It contained the leak.  Lucky thing living in a townhome and paying condo association fees is that incidences like this, where my drywall is damaged due to the roof, the association will have to pay for it.  I am off on Monday and the repair guy (who was a cutie) will be fixing the roof (hopefully the damn rain will have stopped), and the ceiling will need to be be torn out and redone.  As long as this isn’t coming out of my pocket, and it shouldn’t…..I have no problem except for the inconvenience of dealing with the unsightly bulge (whew) of my ceiling.

Imagine if it was a free-standing home where I would have to fork out probably thousands to fix my dwelling.

I feel like I made a smart move in living in a townhome instead of a regular house.  I don’t have to worry about mowing the lawn or the outside structure….I am at a point in my life where those things really are more of a hassle than a luxury.


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