Settling in

I miss my old neighborhood and am getting used to my newly adopted suburban digs.  Found out also it is going to be some time (and God knows when) regarding my agency’s move to Dunn Road due to the current economic state of the US and well, the archives won’t be moving any time soon.

Surfing the blogs to see what is up with some of those on my blog roll…seems like everyone is as busy as I am getting their life together.

I always enjoy visiting The Pioneer Woman….the layout of her blog…her stories of ranch life either keep me in stitches or make me green with envy (it’s all good).  🙂

Am so ready for bed….snuggled up under the covers after a long and I mean LONG rainy day…..again Saint Louis driver’s what’s up with all the accidents on Highway 70, 44, 270, I170…you name it. My God……….I took MY TIME getting home and kept a decent amount of SPACE between myself and the car in front of me…uhhhh it isn’t that hard people.   😛

Ok…off my soapbox but really…..where are people’s heads at when a drop of rain falls on the ground…do we forget how to drive, to follow safe road rules?

What is it?

I guess I am venting because I actually made myself carsick with my own driving (what with the gray skies, rain, and the constant stop and go motion of being in the thick of traffic.)  This isn’t the first time I made myself carsick with my driving skills.


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