Poor Simba

He has ventured out maybe twice now since we came home today.  He is still under the couch…been like that for the past five hours or so.  (Give or take)……am sure the poor thing feels miserable wondering what I did to his little cat universe.

I feel bad for the little guy because he is usually very affectionate and curious.  Ah well, a few days of being in here he will warm up to the place. Luna already has.  I even bought for them a new cat condo and litterbox with a flappy door thingie (yes I said that)……

I guess he feels the same way I do, disoriented.

And with me gone to work tomorrow I wonder how much howling he will be doing…figuring his mommy left him for good.

I know how you feel Simba…I feel a little out of place also……….

But it’s all good.  🙂


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