That is how I feel when I watch the History Channel…currently another topic on King Tut.

At least it’s not another Hitler topic. Too macabre for me.

Thinking about a nice cup of hot chocolate and figuring out what to pack tomorrow.  Pretty much everything is done and when my sister and brother-in-law come down I want to already have the moving truck packed with most of the boxes.  I want this to be a FAST move.  Then next week finish up here with getting everything in order.

I am going to die to see the reactions of the cats when they move to the new place.  Simba pretty much only knows this apartment…his universe. This move will be Luna’s fourth.  Frankly am tired of moving and each time I do move I tend to slough off more worldly goods.

It’s also nice I don’t have to pay on my first mortgage until November 1st which means I can declaw my cats (something I dread doing but the carpets at the apartment took a beating) and the carpets at the townhome are brand new.

Watching commercial for MasterCard. they need to have one about a first time buyer getting things on their MasterCard and the final entry:

“Walking into their own home for the first time……….pricelesssssssssssssssssss…………………..


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