Prayers for dad

He is still in the hospital.  Friday he was taken because his oxygen levels dropped (to 80) and his heart rate dipped to 39 beats a minute.   He has been in the hospital for over 4 days. The doctors want him to gain strength. I told mom he needs to be sent home with oxygen. The doctors stated they will no longer perform any more surgeries on him (mainly his legs) and will give him meds to manage the pain until he passes.

Watching dad’s decline causes me to pause over my own life, my health and what it all means to me.


We do not know how things will be when we reach 65 (dad’s age) and if we do not take care of ourselves now….knowing like I do how diabetes runs on both sides of my family and heart disease….I have no excuse to not practice self-maintenance now.

I read on CNN and heard on the radio how vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a variety of diseases including mood swings…that the average American is sorely lacking in this area…and explains why allot of us become quite moody when Fall hits.

I decided to buy some Vitamin D tablets (90 day supply)…and they are kind of pricey for $14.00 but within a month’s time I should see a return of energy, mood improving, and hopefully some of my regular aches and pains being alleviated.


Though I know my father is very ill I don’t want him in any more pain so I pray, even though he will not magically lose all the issues he currently is suffering from…my prayer for dad is that he isn’t in too much pain and that he lives long enough to see his grandson for the very first time.


One thought on “Prayers for dad

  1. It’s painful when parents start to have health problems
    It seems like yesterday that they were your shield and now you must be theirs
    May God help your father and give you all strength
    Take care

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