heart_hearts_love_220399_lDo you have heart?

Instead of making excuses as to why things are not going the way you wish them to be do you simply give up?

I could have easily given up on buying a home earlier this year….disheartened by what I had to do in order to qualify for the VA Home Loan.  If you keep at it, if you breathe…(which I had to do and sometimes forgot….you keep going because what is the alternative?)  You keep going because you have children (no matter their age) who look to you for guidance and as an example.  You keep going because the thought of anything else leaves such a bad taste in your mouth.  You keep going because thinking about what could be would not sit right….because you are not ………

a failure………….

So you push forward…can be scared, feeling hopeless, maybe even stop caring.

But do you want to live with all that regret?

The Army taught me allot about myself…about what I wanted, to strive for and to dream.  Though there are some who think the military breaks us all down to build us into something we cannot even recognize in the mirror (yes to some of that but not to all of us)…..it made us soldiers more “self-aware” to stand tall, believe…and oh how I wanted to believe in my American dream and I kept at it…months of fixing my credit, looking at homes, keeping in touch with my lender and this past few weeks were a wild ride but a ride I will never soon forget.  I wanted this so badly and I wanted my daughter to see what her mother could do.  I didn’t want to disappoint her.  As a woman I wanted to make my only child realize and see for herself that one never gives up as long as there is hope….as they say when the one door closes a window opens and I crawled through that window!

So you live for something…believe in yourself….give it (whatever it is) with everything you are….you are a person who has heart….a passion for something which makes you want to keep going.

So Monday I close….as long as nothing physically presents me from being there….I will be closing.


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