Lessons learned in life and religion

I went into buying my first home alone….and I mean GREEN behind the ears and Friday (come what may) will be a hard knocks learning experience for me if things don’t go the way I want them to.

But the testament to one’s character…and what made me survive being a single mom with an absentee “father” was inner strength, my faith in myself and in God. 

Though I am no bible thumber….though I am a lapse Catholic I do believe in God…I just feel there are many paths which can lead those of us who believe in Him to Heaven and………

I also believe that Atheists can earn their place in Heaven if they led a good life and were kind to others.  And if such Atheists believe there is no Heaven so be it but I fail to see how millions of people who try their best to make this world a better place are turned away from the “pearly gates” simply because they are not a “Christian”, “Jew” or “Muslim”  just as I fail to see how Atheists do not contribute to humanity in a positive way.

I digress but……

Let the arguments begin.

Yes, I know this can make some die hard Christians gasp but I cannot apologize for the way I feel and view the world. I do believe in Karma and I believe that if we are  compassionate towards others it will come back ten-fold…and frankly doing something nice for someone without expecting anything back (pay it forward) needs to be done more in this world.


ok…NOW I am off my soap box.  🙂


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