Next year will be a busy one.  I will be 42…ugh….daughter 22….she will be almost done with her degree.  Hopefully mom and dad will be settled near one of us kids….I will have been a new homeowner for three months…wow man wow!


1.  Heading to Fort Gordon, Georgia for Army training

2. Slotted to go to D.C for leadership training  for the civilian job

3. Flying to Puerto Rico for my abuela’s 90th birthday celebration/family reunion

Am excited about the traveling. Seeing family, returning to D.C. The last time I was at the nation’s capital was in 1998 during Active Duty for Training (ADT) and was at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).  I was there during the African embassy bombings so it was interesting to be on duty during that time period.

I also loved visiting the Smithsonian, Lincoln Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Capital Building and driving by the Pentagon (didn’t have enough time to actually go in and visit the latter). 

I wonder what the year will have in store…….


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