1 More Week…

Realtor emailed me today…time to put the townhome utilities in my name and will do that on Monday.  Also will find out what time I am closing on the 21st.

What gets me is that my stomach is in a jumble of knots when it comes to asking for leave from work after being “lectured” to about taking leave when my dad was in the hospital.  I have to take leave for the closing.  Not the whole day……I would LOVE to take the whole day off so I could savor my new home but it will have to wait until the following day when I begin taking things over there.

I wonder why there are managers out there who are so anal retentive when it comes to leading people.

Sure we are not out to make friends in the workplace but doesn’t it make things a tad bit easier if we weren’t so cold-hearted towards fellow employees?                    business_card_contact_237483_l

I don’t feel I have to feel anxious asking for a couple of hours of leave to close on my new home.  It’s suppose to be a happy occasion and frankly am tired of feeling like this when I go to work. I used to love going and now I dread it.


On the brighter side am mostly packed up.  I am getting down to the bare bones of simply keeping things out I need for “the move.”

I know when I envisioned my first place I thought it would be with a significant other, a house in the ‘burbs…but sometimes what we planned for ourselves simply doesn’t happen and we have to move forward because our lives take on a different path.


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