September 11, 2001

I remember that day so very well. Like a moment stuck inside my head forever, a moment frozen in time..I had just moved to Saint Louis a month before from Terre Haute, Indiana. Graduated from college with my second Master’s in May.  I didn’t know what was in store for me.  I was unemployed and nervous about an impending job interview that afternoon.

My ex (who is Arab) was home asleep when I dropped my daughter off to Middle School.

The radio was on and then I heard the news about one of the the towers being hit.

I was like ????

Reminded me of when I was driving to my old high school to pick up my sister from basketball practice and heard on the news regarding Desert Storm 1991. I had pulled off to the side of the road then.

And almost did 10 years later but hurried home to see what was going on.

I clicked on CNN and was glued to the set.  But first I had to wake up my ex. At first he didn’t believe me until I told him a second airplane had struck.  We sat in front of that tv for almost 3 days straight.  I did go the job interview but it was plain weird.  I could see the shock written on everyone’s faces….it was unnaturally quiet, even at the interview it all seemed surreal.

I remember the lights.  Everyone turning on their headlights.  My stomach in knots, mom calling me to see if I was safe and if she would be ok.  I thought for sure WWIII was beginning.  I cried and could barely watch the footage.

And the reaction of the world…shocked at the callousness of those who actually celebrated the death of innocents to the tears shared by all.

I would think most people remember where they were when they heard the news.  I realized then as I watched the horror our world had changed forever. And we we are survivors of Post-9/11.  The “age of innocence” for us Americans from that day on, was gone.

And to this day it is very difficult for me to watch anything about that infamous historic moment.  I cry every time I happen upon a rerun of that day…sometimes I watch it and relive everything…other times it’s simply too hard but one thing I do know…I will never ever forget as an American what happened to us and the memory of those people who died will always live within me and hopefully with each American out there who grieved along side with me.


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