A rekindle of the passion

I posted this post a year ago and feel the urge to elaborate more:


Tasting life with an essence of splendor.

Giving your heart to someone you love–desire…craving a kiss, touch…a simple look.

What is passion?

You want to breathe in their scent–taste the sweetness of lips–body craving a glimpse of a smile, to hear their laughter–seek the joy.

Passion can fill you–each fiber of your being making you yearn–pressing deeply inside of it–to the point you feel as if your mind, heart, the pulsing of your very blood is consumed by this person…..a sweet torture of senses.


For passion is a longing….a deeply felt intensity which captures your attention–briefly or for a lifetime.

There is this ache deep within your bones calling out for the other, missing them, their voice, touch, smell and taste.

Passion is a curse!

A disease–

…..or a sweetness abounding…wraps you–enthralls you…an addiction of the senses,  a withdrawal of such agony when the object of your desire is gone.

And passion is also a blessing–a cure for the sadness which embraces this world so bittersweet.

A testament to life, time, what makes us unique………..

What makes us—–



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