An “English Speaking Only” country

Never does anything set me off quickly than bigotry and ignorance.

I have subscribed (BUT may unsubscribe) to Facebook’s English Only language app.  I got on there because I want to be a balanced voice….which is how I look at life in general.                          mexicali_mexicalibc_frontera_862158_l

Yes of course English is the language which unites us here in the USA but the FIRST thing that pops out of the mouths of some ignorant individuals are the illegals.


Like “those people” are the only ones whose mother tongue isn’t English.

Give me a break.

This land was founded on a variety of principles…freedom for some not for some others…are any of us speaking the mother tongues of the Native American tribes who were destroyed when their lands were taken over.


I had to rant because I am so sick and tired of people putting down Hispanics thinking the lot of us are these illiterate, welfare stealing dregs of society. And it isn’t me with this attitude, it’s what I read and heard.  Are there any LEGAL citizens of THIS country willing to take the jobs these illegals have “stolen” from “us”?  Be ready for a salary shocker and if you think by allotting those jobs to Americans and raising the salary will solve issues think again…shit runs downhill and the elevated salaries means consumer prices going up. It’s a vicious horrid circle of economics.

And I am sick of people thinking of minorities in only two colors:  BLACK and BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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