Mornings and a coffee drinkin’ cat

Simba is drinking my coffee, well actually lapping at it. Caught him doing this a few weeks back. I didn’t know Himmies love the stuff.  He doesn’t actually guzzle it down just laps it up and he doesn’t get all hyped now on it. (He is lying on his back with a content smile on his face).

That’s my boy.

I don’t like mornings. Never have.  I am more of an afternoon person yet my body wakes me up always prior to the alarm going off and I get up (what else to do I don’t care to lie in bed during the work week) and get up gets ready and gets gone (ok not grammatically correct but you “get it”)  🙂

Am hopin’ today isn’t a washout like yesterday for the festival. What with all these scattered thunderstorms through Tuesday.  I really want to check out the festival this year and if it’s not in the cards, well will buy more boxes to pack. I want though some leisure time this weekend since I leave for Jeff City for drill again.  Then two weeks later go right back since drill is late this month due to Labor Day weekend and we never drill during a holiday weekend.


And Simba is still lying there on his furry back with a content smile on his adorable sweet face.  The rewards a pet gives back to you are unmeasurable.  The unconditional love, their hilarious antics, companionship. Some people wonder why Americans spend billion$ of dollars each year on animals. Well, if we can afford it we do this.  I can and I enjoy having my pets around me.  After a stressful day at work I come home and my two cats greet me like clockwork.  I never thought I would be a cat lover but honestly I enjoy them.  They do have personalities albeit I favor Simba because he tends to be more demonstrative with me, he is vocal and lets me know his displeasure or when he is content.  And Simba is such a clown.  I don’t like the constant shedding but I put up with it.  I know some pet owners give away their Himmies because of this (some who just abandon them outside and Himmies are NOToutdoor cats—that makes me seethe).

Anyway, I plan on buying a pet friendly vacuum cleaner once I move to my townhome and a swifter for the downstairs which is porcelain tile.  I know Simba and Luna will thoroughly enjoy the townhome as much as I will. More room for them, stairs to explore and with my fenced in patio I can take them out once in a while (leashed of course) to enjoy the sunshine.  It’ll be a good life for them and for me.  😀

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