Adoption Program Lets Military Working Dogs Become Pets

I subscribe to miliary news network and wanted to share the more humane side of the US Military:

WASHINGTON, Aug. 31, 2009 – Military working dogs have come a long way since the days of ancient Persia and Assyria, where they donned armor, spiked collars and warned of impending attack or charged on the enemy’s cavalry. But they are as important as ever, and U.S. military leaders are making sure they are rewarded with a happy retirement.      workingdog1thmb

Defense Department officials have created a standard operating procedure used by all kennels to ensure excess military working dogs have a chance to go to deserving adoptive homes.

The department, in accordance with the November 2000 “Robby Law,” enables military working dogs to be transferred or adopted out to former handlers, law enforcement agencies or families who are willing and able to take on the responsibility of former military working dogs. The department adopts out about 300 dogs per year, about 100 of those to law enforcement agencies outside of the department.

Dogs are available for adoption throughout the United States and some overseas locations. Most available dogs have failed to meet working standards, while others become available after completing their military service.



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