What is crippling shyness?

Fear of socializing with others…to the point where it become physically painful (not to mention the emotional overload) being around others.

This social stigma touches everyone, if not yourself, then someone you know.

These following individuals also suffered from severe bouts of shyness:

Abraham Lincoln, Orville Wright, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein were all shy at one time in their lives?  How about Tom Hanks or Lucille Ball

This siteby Dr. Renée Gilbert, dicusses some issues related to my current blog topic.

As the author states:

Shyness is not who we are,
but something we feel while we do the things we do.  

It is sometimes quite difficult to describe what actually goes through the person’s mind when they are faced with a most difficult social situation.  Many thoughts run through their minds…..the feeling is akin to the flight or fight response with flight being the overwhelming of the sensory.

And it takes great effort, sometimes a daily struggle to try and overcome such emotions.  There is the fear of being judged, (kind of like being placed under a powerful microscope)…………….

This site also has wonderful educational information regarding this mental disorder. Though I think the  “label” can exacerbate the condition.


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