Bought myself a new toy.  A Toshiba Satellite L305-S5955 (squeal) ok that’s the girl in me.  I did buy a 2 year warranty for $74.00.  I learned my lesson from my last laptop when that one (it was given as a gift and no warranty was bought)…the A/C adaptor broke off from the male end on the toy thus disabling it.  When I went to Best Buy to find out what it would cost to fix it was told I would have to replace the motherboard.


So, it sits gathering dust like a big paperweight.   I was dying for a laptop and my PC simply has me ticked off.  Going to strip the hard drive and start from scratch like I did with my daughter’s laptop when she “forgot” to update her virus protection software and her toy crashed.  It took about 3 hours to get her baby back and running but mama did it!

The laptop is my toy for running the creative juices…I can happily scamper off to Borders and Barnes and Noble to brainstorm for my next book.

We stopped off at GameStop and she bought Kingdom Hearts II for PS2 and SingStar (1980’s) and she is beggin’ mama to sing and I will but not tonight. I spent almost an hour with Charter (who still couldn’t help me)…Best Buy was able to get a connection when I took the tower there and they stated (when a repairman came yesterday) the modem is working and I changed the Ethernet cable (see other post).  I am now typing on the kid’s laptop and will open up my toy some time this weekend.  Mama is tired and she needs to quit being so reliant on the Net for entertainment……….

Ok, kid is going through the SingStar’s repritoire and I am having major flashbacks from high school and from my time in the military (active duty 1986-1990).

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